Changing the Course of Our Industry


Anyone in the cancer business knows the frustration of going through unnecessary hoops to get crucial care approved for patients.   Many insurance companies utilize third-party management organizations that put a stranglehold on authorizations and approvals.  These delays are costly, but more importantly, they interfere with care.   They add stress to an already anxious patient and cause extra work for already taxed clinical staff.


At RBS, we believe there is a better way.   That’s why we are creating VIDACORE – a network strategy designed to put important care decisions back in the hands of radiation oncologists.  As we now represent more than 200 radiation oncologists nationwide, we have the scale and the physician buy-in to change the cost of oncology care in our country – and to vastly improve the patient’s cancer journey.


Be a part of something bigger.  Talk to us today about VIDACORE, and learn more about how you can be a part of a movement to change the future of our industry.