ENCORE IT Services

Data Backup and Disaster Recovery 

Don’t risk losing your valuable data – invest in our data backup services. ENCORE IT ensures that your data is backed up regularly and can be quickly restored during data loss. Our Disaster Recovery services provide your cancer center with a plan for recovering from major events like natural disasters, cyber-attacks, or hardware failures. We guarantee 99% uptime for your cancer center.

Cyber Security and HIPAA Compliance 

Cancer centers take every precaution to ensure that their sensitive data remains protected. That’s why it’s crucial to trust ENCORE IT, an expert in cybersecurity and HIPAA compliance expertise. By working with ENCORE IT, you can rest assured that their data is secure and they meet all necessary regulatory requirements. 


Electronic medical record (EMR) systems must meet technical specifications to ensure that they run efficiently and accurately. ENCORE IT can provide your cancer center hardware optimized for EMR software, including servers, workstations, and storage solutions, ensuring that your cancer center meets industry security, reliability, and compatibility standards. 

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