5th Generation Electrician

From a single residential contractor, to a large commercial union shop, and even retiring from John Deere, my family have been electricians for over 100 years.  Recently we were discussing career options for my son when my dad blurted out, “I would rather push wires than send people medical bills!”

My dad has seen our office several times and has seen our values on the door.  He’s visited the cancer centers that we built and own, and received three versions of “Written In Stone” books containing survivor and family comments.  Yet… he truncated my efforts down to “you send people bills.”

The question we are asked most often is “so just what does your company do?”  In simplest terms, we are patient advocates who reduce the financial stress of oncology patients and providers.  One way we accomplish our goal is by billing insurance companies with the patients’ interests first and foremost.  We, in essence, are the “union negotiators” for 650+ patients every day.  With aggressive payer compliance and processes, we collect more from payers, which in turn reduces the amount that patients need to pay.

The national average patient balance for oncology services is around $4,700. Our approach has reduced the average to $767 per patient. Shifting the responsibility back to payers helps our patients AND helps reduce the financial stress of our physicians.

My dad was surprised to learn that we call our patients, who welcome our calls. When we process a patient’s final bill we call to let them know that they will not be receiving anymore bills; they are overjoyed to learn they will not have to take out a loan! We’re not sending people bills, we are reducing their cost of treatment and communicating effectively.  After my initial hurt pride, I was actually grateful that my dad pushed my buttons.  Next month, I’ll share more ways in which we impact oncology patients and providers.