Apollo Healthcare

Proton Therapy Prior Authorization Experts

Tennessee healthcare executives Ben Frank and Christopher Gonzalez have partnered with Radiation Business Solutions to launch Apollo Healthcare, a revolutionary oncology services firm focused on improving access to novel cancer therapies.


Ben Frank, an experienced oncology executive who was previously the President of the Provision Proton Therapy center in Nashville and held leadership positions at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, leads the new company.


Christopher Gonzalez, also a career radiation oncology expert who is a board-certified medical dosimetrist and has experience from three proton therapy centers, has joined the team to oversee operations.


Apollo specializes in proton therapy administration with an emphasis on services that add immediate value to proton therapy centers. Apollo Healthcare offers a flagship prior authorization service that combines the clinical expertise of a medical dosimetrist with a streamlined militaristic process that guarantees a high level of success.


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