Reducing Financial Toxicity for Cancer Patients.   
We are Patient Advocates first and foremost. Our team is dedicated to giving patients compassionate, caring guidance through the financial process – and holding payers accountable for paying their fair share of treatment costs. Patient experience is the future of healthcare reimbursement. You know that your patients are receiving the best clinical care possible, but what about the non-clinical aspects of care? A poor experience with your billing department can have a detrimental effect on your patient satisfaction scores… and your revenue.


Our complete Revenue Cycle Management Services are tailored to meet the unique needs of your practice and can include:



  • Provider credentialing with payers*
  • Commercial Payer Contract Negotiations*
  • Provide financial counseling to patients and respond to patient billing and insurance questions throughout treatment
  • Work with the client to ensure proper charge capture
  • Provide a report of outstanding or missing charges
  • Submit electronic claims for primary and secondary payer process
  • Daily posting of all insurance and patient payments
  • Electronic remittance advice processing and electronic insurance payment posting
  • Scan and post commercial payments for digital purposes and link to patient accounts
  • Send monthly patient statements
  • Manage the denial process, including organization of peer-to-peer review meetings, re-billing, re-filing, unpaid claims, and appeals
  • Manage accounts receivable
  • Handle all billing-related correspondence with the insurance carrier and patients
  • All client/patient information house in Cloud
  • MIPS can be provided for a fee per provider*


*Some services may require an additional fee or can be billed as a separate service*


RBS is not another transactional billing company to outsource your claims submission. Our focus is on your entire revenue cycle because one facet affects the other. Click here for a complete list of revenue cycle management services.


Reduce the amount of your time spent on administration and management issues.

Our team acts as an extension of your office – seamlessly integrating your practice style and philosophy into our proven processes. We operate like an in-house financial team without the administrative hassle. Most importantly, we treat your patients the way we would want to be treated. Use office visits for patient clinical care – not billing issues.

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