Coding Services

Radiation Business Solutions offers coding services for hospitals and
freestanding centers that provide radiation therapy but do not have the
staffing or expertise in coding this complicated specialty. RBS provides you a
combination of certified coders, audit processes, and expertise to code your
radiation oncology procedures. We’ll ensure that each procedure is coded
correctly and that your documentation meets coding requirements.


  • Complete review of internal oncology system setup to ensure accuracy
    and adherence to clinical workflow
  • Dedicated coders available to physicians and staff for questions.
  • Acts as a gatekeeper by identifying incomplete documentation and
    documentation errors to allow for proactive correction.

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“Radiation Business Solutions has been wonderful to work with. Their assistance in setting up our global billing and tracking physician productivity have been critical to our success. Leah makes herself readily available and is very easy to talk to. A thorough audit later showed less than 1% error rate. Radiation Business Solutions has truly been a valuable partner.”

Ernaldo Elemento Jr. | Dalton, GA