Bringing Hope to Nepal

Last year, several of our team members took part in a climb to the base camp of Mt. Everest with Radiating Hope, a non-profit organization that brings radiation equipment to developing countries.   Heath Bonsall, our Director of Dosimetry Services, was asked to return to Nepal this year to help with training.   We asked Heath to give us a little preview of his trip:

“During the week of April 16th – 20th,  I will be returning to Kathmandu, Nepal to help out at the Kathmandu Cancer Center. We will be focusing on training the staff to use the software that was generously donated by MIM Software, Inc. The clinic is also looking to start a stereotactic body radiation therapy program, and we will provide some assistance with this as well.  I wish I had a month to spend with them.  They are an amazing group of clinicians who do a lot for their community with very few resources. 

I’m traveling over to Nepal through a group called Radiating Hope. (   The focus of this group is on donating much needed radiation equipment and resources to developing countries.  Currently they are in the process of securing a High Dose Rate Brachytherapy machine for the Kathmandu Cancer Center.  Cervical cancer is one of the main types of cancer they see in this area, and brachytherapy is integral to the cure of this disease. 

I am looking forward to the coming week and my visit to Nepal.  A visit to the country itself is always a grounding experience.  I’ve included some photos from our trip last year, and look forward to sharing more when I return.   Namaste!”

We are excited for Heath, and look forward to hearing about his experience!