Q&A with Dan Moore | January 2019 Newsletter

We are starting off 2019 with a chance for you all to get to know our CEO, Dan Moore, better with a Q&A!


What was your initial goal in starting RBS?
I saw this industry driven by everyone but the doctor/patient.  Payers, corporations, and even technology were controlling healthcare decisions more than the patients’ needs.  I wanted to create a company that allowed physicians to treat patients as they saw fit.

What changes have you seen in the industry in the last 18 years?
It’s funny how cyclical things are.  We have gone through two cycles of “physician independence.”  For the first seven years, doctors and practices wanted to run/own their own practices.  Then, as reimbursement changes loomed, physicians sold to large groups, consolidators, and hospitals in droves.  The term “freestanding” was seldom heard. Now, the pendulum has started back the other direction.  Dissatisfaction with economics, bureaucracies, reputation and long hours have prompted physicians to reevaluate models.  Hospitals too are questioning the original feasibility of hiring doctors.  A great wave of retiring/new doctors are also moving the paradigm.

We’ve had so much growth at RBS over the years, what’s the biggest challenge to keeping our culture intact?
Not losing sight that each client should be treated as if they are our only client.  Constantly encouraging our team that the result/transaction is only half of our promise.  We want a standing ovation from our clients. At the same time, we continually shift our focus to the ultimate client, the patient receiving care.

What was your first job?
As all good entrepreneurs of my generation, I had a paper route.  Crazy to envision, but I rode my bike and hand-delivered a printed version of the paper to my neighbors.  From there, my customers asked me to do other things for them.  I started a landscaping business and employed several of my school buddies to help.

What do you like to do on a Saturday?
Something active.  Maybe go sailing or paddle boarding.  Or a trail hike/run.  If all else fails, I work on a project around the house.  Cut down trees, build something, replace a switch.  I love my military discount that I get from Lowe’s!  If the weather is right, a motorcycle ride is always good.

What one thing do you want to be remembered for?
A good father who, thanks to grace, lived generously.


Favorite ice cream flavor?
I like a chocolate milkshake made from real vanilla scoop ice cream and chocolate syrup.

Favorite band/musician?
Steven Curtis Chapman, Older U2, Wynton Marsalis
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