15 Years of Solutions | April 2019 Newsletter

April 1st we celebrated 15 years as a company. In fifteen years much has changed in the healthcare world; our core values have not.
We strive to reduce financial anxiety for physicians and patients so that they can focus on healing. We pride ourselves on giving clients a clear picture of what they can expect financially.
We initiate calls with patients to let them know that we are advocating for them before they even get their first bill. We thrive on communicating with patients and physicians to ensure that they understand their bills. Due to our processes, our average patient bill is $700 while the national average is closer to $5,000.
In the past 15 years, RBS has evolved from a billing company to a cancer provider, to a physician service company. Our emphasis is on customer service and understanding how we can better serve the physician while maintaining our core values.
To hear more about our past 15 years as a company, listen to our April podcast, 15 Years of Solutions.