Coming Home | June 2019 Newsletter

Is there a better feeling than coming home after being away?

When I’ve been traveling – whether for a few days or a few weeks – the act of walking back through my front door centers me and makes me feel refreshed. Having my family around me, the dog at my feet, relaxing in my favorite chair – these are the things that renew me and give me peace.

Home is such an important aspect of our lives and a crucial part of health and healing. Not surprisingly, studies show that cancer patients heal best when surrounded by their community and loved ones at home. This is why our company chooses to build radiation oncology centers in places in our country where patients would otherwise have to travel long distances for care. We want to give patients the comfort of coming home each day after treatment, rather than spending hours in the car each day or weeks away from their home and their loved ones.

I am grateful that we have the ability to offer HOPE to cancer patients in underserved areas. Our cancer centers are so much more than treatment facilities with state-of-the-art equipment; the staff and physicians embrace our mission in everything they do. The patients become family and for a short time our facility is a second home filled with people who support and care about the cancer patient throughout their journey.

I hope you enjoy this summer surrounded by the ones you love.