Seasons of Change | September 2019 Newsletter

Dan running strong at the 5K Run for the Future

It’s been said that the only thing constant in healthcare is change. After attending this year’s ASTRO meeting in Chicago, I’m inclined to agree.

This year, as every year, I was astounded by the changes and advances in our field. In fact, one of the highlights was seeing our friend and partner Diane Heaton, MD, of Northeastern Oklahoma Cancer Institute speak at the Varian Users’ Meeting. Dr. Heaton presented her groundbreaking experience utilizing the Varian Halcyon in a rural setting. The changes in technology are truly remarkable and I am excited about the future of our industry.

While I enjoy seeing old friends at ASTRO every year, many of the faces inevitably change. I am thinking of my friend Dr. Carl “Bob” Bogardus; I missed seeing him, as I know many of you did. I also couldn’t help but think of another friend of mine that we lost this year, Dr. Koppula Sarma. He practiced in Valparaiso, IN and I always saw him when ASTRO was held in Chicago. These changes are tough. However, I was buoyed by the time I spent with new residents. I attended the ARRO Global Health Initiatives networking event, and was inspired by the passion and drive of these young physicians who are so dedicated to impacting radiation oncology treatment all over the world. It is heartening to see their enthusiasm.

Of course many of the discussions inevitably turned to CMS and the Proposed Rule changes. The Alternative Payment Model is likely coming; the only thing we can know for sure at this point is that we will survive it, as we have weathered every reimbursement change in the past.

An exciting change was seeing the growth of the 5K Run for the Future to Benefit the ROI. This was our 10th year of hosting the event; what a great way to celebrate by beating all previous records!  Nearly 500 folks signed up to participate and give back to our industry. Read more about it here.

As we closed down our booth and shut down the lights on another ASTRO, I couldn’t help but think of the ways that RBS has changed and progressed this year too. Change can be hard, but change brings growth. I hope that as we enter this new season of fall, that you will embrace the changes around you and flourish.


September 2019 RBS Advantage Report