Written in Stone | October 2019

On September 7th, the Eastern Oregon Cancer Network invited members of the local community to write words of hope and inspiration on the unfinished walls of Eastern Oregon Cancer Center at Pendleton.


I am grateful that we are afforded the opportunity to stop construction on each of our new builds and bring in the community to show support for those who will be treated within these walls. 
The inscriptions are offered with heartfelt inspiration to all who have been touched by cancer – patients, physicians, caregivers, and family members. The thoughts, prayers, poems and drawings reflect a wide range of emotions, as each cancer journey is personal and unique. 


This year we were able to capture a behind the scenes video with commentary from Dr. Juno Choe, Medical Director of Eastern Oregon Cancer Center at Pendleton, as well as other community members. I hope you enjoy the video below as much as I did. October 2019 Newsletter