Partnering with Apollo Healthcare

Tennessee healthcare executives Ben Frank and Christopher Gonzalez have partnered with Radiation Business Solutions to launch Apollo Healthcare, a revolutionary oncology services firm focused on improving access to novel cancer therapies.

Ben Frank, an experienced oncology executive who was previously the President of the Provision Proton Therapy center in Nashville and held leadership positions at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, leads the new company.

Christopher Gonzalez, also a career radiation oncology expert who is a board-certified medical dosimetrist and has experience from three proton therapy centers, has joined the team to oversee operations.

Apollo specializes in proton therapy administration with an emphasis on services that add immediate value to proton therapy centers. Apollo Healthcare offers a flagship prior authorization service that combines the clinical expertise of a medical dosimetrist with a streamlined militaristic process that guarantees a high level of success.

“This prior authorization process is no secret. It is widely known and regulated throughout the healthcare industry,” Mr. Frank said. “Our success comes down to accountability in every aspect of that process. We have combined clinical proton expertise with effective and accountable workflow management. With our service, a typical center could expect to overturn twice as many commercial prior authorization denials per month. Of course, a center with that sort of enhancement could expect a noticeable improvement to their bottom line.”

Aside from prior authorization, Apollo Healthcare offers other value-add services to improve access to proton therapy centers, including clinical operations management, patient access management, and referral development.

Dan Moore, CEO of Radiation Business Solutions, said, “Apollo is an excellent extension of our patient-centric culture. The executive team brings a wealth of knowledge around Proton and other therapies to the RBS breadth of services. Our goal is to integrate more aspects of the cancer continuum – from access and center ownership, patient-friendly/physician-driven revenue cycle platform, and now Proton and adjunct therapy expertise. We are excited about Apollo and their early success.”

Radiation Business Solutions provides billing, practice management, and consulting services to oncology practices around the country. They optimize the revenue cycle performance of their clients’ sites of service, representing over $400,000,000 in annual charges. In partnership with their physician clients, the company formed RBS Evolution, a joint venture company that builds cancer centers in rural areas that have limited or no access to cancer care. Radiation Business Solutions and RBSE are both headquartered in Joelton, Tennessee. RBSE owns and operates four freestanding cancer centers throughout underserved areas in the United States.

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