Employee Spotlight: Denise Gerlach and her fight against Alzheimer’s

The fight to end Alzheimer’s Disease is personal for Denise Gerlach, VP of Marketing and Business Development at RBS. She not only lost her mother to Alzheimer’s Disease, but also her grandmother, her uncle, and two aunts.

To help support researchers in finding a cure, Denise recently participated in the Alzheimer’s Association’s fundraiser, “The Longest Day.” On the summer solstice, participants take part in an activity from sunrise to sunset to raise funds and awareness for the disease and other forms of dementia.

Because of her mother’s love of baking and sweets, Denise chose to organize an online bake-a-thon. Family and friends joined in by sending recipes, stories, videos, and photos. A few even baked along with Denise on Instagram Live.

Denise is grateful to RBS for supporting her efforts through the company’s Matching Funds program. “I love working for a company that not only supports charities within our industry but also supports the charities that are important to me.”

With RBS’s help, Denise was able to raise over $3,500 for the Alzheimer’s Association. Denise would like to thank everyone who has already donated.

You can see all of the recipes from the fundraiser online (including a few from Denise’s coworkers). If you’d like to help support the cause, there is still time to donate as well.

Denise and her family plan to make this an annual event. “I don’t know if they will find a cure in my lifetime, but I have to do what I can to help, and hope that they might have answers for the next generation.”