Radiation Business Solutions Selects Unlimited Systems as Revenue Cycle Platform

NASHVILLE, Tenn.June 10, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Radiation Business Solutions (RBS), owner and operator of cancer centers as well as a billing and management service provider for a network of nearly 200 oncologists across the country, has selected Unlimited Systems as its new revenue cycle platform vendor. As the category leader in revenue cycle management software for cancer care providers, Unlimited Systems will equip Radiation Business Solutions with a robust, proven application complemented by specialty-specific implementation and support services.

“Our partnership with Unlimited Systems positions RBS to better meet our clients’ needs and to strengthen our ability to collaborate with payors, which is essential as our industry moves to a value-based reimbursement model,” says Daniel Moore, Chief Executive Officer of RBS. “We believe Unlimited is the right partner to help us provide ‘more than’ exceptional billing services to our clients, focusing on strategic solutions that bring not only financial value but more efficiency for the industry as a whole. When combined with our patient-focused revenue cycle expertise, the Unlimited platform will help us create a unique clinically integrated system, providing better transparency and service to providers, clients, and payors. This implementation will be phased in stages throughout the remainder of 2021 so that our clients do not experience any interruption in service.”

Unlimited Systems is independently motivated by the same factors emphasized by RBS. “Enabling a key strategic customer like Radiation Business Solutions to achieve peak financial performance – and sustain that level as the healthcare revenue cycle continues to innovate – is the core focus of our effort at Unlimited,” observes Brian J. Gockerman, Chief Executive Officer of Unlimited Systems. “The opportunity to partner with enterprise customer RBS validates the work of our product teams and provides the challenges that keep our software application vital and inspiring.”

About Radiation Business Solutions

Radiation Business Solutions, headquartered in Joelton, Tennessee, provides billing, management, de novo center development, and joint venture opportunities to nearly 200 radiation oncologists in freestanding and hospital centers. RBS also owns and operates five freestanding radiation oncology centers through its development arm, RBS Evolution, and has partnered with Apollo Healthcare to provide value to proton centers.  Together, RBS and RBSE serve over 2,700 cancer patients per day in more than 100 locations across the country.   For more information, please visit www.RadiationBusiness.com.

About Unlimited Technology Systems, LLC

Unlimited Systems is a software development company headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, committed to ensuring that specialty healthcare providers thrive in a dynamic reimbursement environment. More than 3,300 Oncologists across the U.S. utilize Unlimited’s software to effectively drive revenue cycle workflows that span their front and back-office operations. The organization takes pride in its direct impact on cancer patients’ lives and cancer centers’ effectiveness across the nation. Visit the Unlimited Systems website to learn more.