On July 13th, CMS released the MPFS 2022 Proposed Rule.  Our team has created a 2022 MPFS Proposed Rule Summation July 2021 summary for your review.


Of note, CMS has proposed a reduction in the conversion factor (CF) from $34.89 to $33.58 for CY 2022.  The CF reduction, combined with some RVU reductions, ultimately translates into revenue reductions for the Radiation Oncology specialty as a whole.  Although these cuts are disheartening, history strongly suggests that Congress will take action to avert the CF reduction because it affects all specialties and there is a potential phase-in of the Clinical Labor pricing, which would affect the timing of the impact of the RVU reductions.  We would encourage each of you to work individually with your local congressman and legislatures, and partner with ASTRO on these efforts.  Remember, this is the proposed rule with an expectation of the final rule being published in Oct/Nov, so now is the time to voice your opinion.


As a specialty and specifically as your services partner, we look forward to working with you to confront these reimbursement headwinds. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out. If you would like me to forward this to anyone else, please let me know.