Handel’s Messiah was written for King George II in 1741. The Hallelujah chorus is the most famous piece, and everyone stands during it. Almost three hundred years later, audiences still stand to their feet when they hear this piece. I think I’m starting to understand why.

Our church just performed this incredible piece as many churches, symphonies, and orchestras will also perform it this holiday season. It’s been two years since I’ve been part of a live musical event. To see everyone giving it their all – the violinist, the tenor, the French horn, the conductor, and every person leaving everything on the table and not holding back. Let me tell you; we could not wait to jump to our feet during this chorus! Was it the perfect rendition ever? Probably not. But was it the most moving communal event since the pandemic? YES! The energy, hope, and joy of being together as a community was overwhelming.

Several people from our church went to both services. One friend went home and watched a third time on Facebook! Now that’s an ENCORE. We couldn’t get enough.

ENCORE is what we strive to do for your practice and patients. We want to serve you so well that you will join the others in our joint-ventures and our investment funds and fully utilize more services. ENCORE is so pivotal to our business culture that it is our mission. It’s the first thing every new person working with us learns. ENCORE. We have an acrostic that permeates our actions.

ENCORE stands for……
Encourage each other’s success
New ideas
Create financial value
Ownership towards a solution
Reach for life balance
Embody a positive approach

In the following few newsletters, I’ll share how these attributes impact your practice and patients. And I’d like your feedback – where do you see us delivering an ENCORE experience, and where can we improve?

I’d encourage you to go see a live performance of the Hallelujah Chorus this season. I’d love to hear where you heard it and how you felt! Thanks for your continued partnership and for making us part of your team.

I hope everyone has a healthy and Merry Christmas.

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