As a reminder, ENCORE is what we strive to do for your practice and patients. We want to serve you so well that you will join the others in our joint ventures and investment funds and fully utilize more services. ENCORE is so pivotal to our business culture that it is our mission. It’s the first thing every new person working with us learns. ENCORE. We have an acrostic that permeates our actions.

ENCORE stands for……
Encourage each other’s success
New ideas
Create financial value
Ownership towards a solution
Reach for life balance
Embody a positive approach

Imagine this scenario: a physician locked out of their practices’ EHR. Patient treatments are being put on hold or even cancelled, and a non-responsive IT service provider can’t seem to help. Any of these things can cause a headache for any radiation oncology practice. All of them happening at one time causes a domino effect that negatively affects cancer patients and the practice’s revenue.

This exact scenario happened to one of our physician partners recently. Locked out of the practices’ EHR, the physician and staff made countless attempts to engage their IT service provider with no resolution. The only way the physician could view patient charts was to borrow a computer from another person in the office. The physician could not notate patients’ charts, chart charges, review patient imaging, or perform their daily job functions.

Feeling fed up with the lack of response and interruption in workflow, the physician began seeking an alternative IT solution for the practice. ENCORE IT fit the needs of the practice and the physician. Created by Jacob Welkley, Director of IT for RBS, ENCORE IT understands the critical importance of physicians having direct access to IT support on their timetable.

ENCORE IT creates financial value for our physician partners by offering cost-effective, full-service IT solutions by an IT group well-versed in radiation oncology technology and the workflow of a cancer center.No two centers are the same; ENCORE IT is well versed in radiation oncology IT solutions. After meeting with potential clients to discover their pain points a full audit of current equipment and processes is conducted before a personalized solution is presented to the practice. By seeking to remedy technology issues at the root cause of ENCORE, IT ensures that no patients’ cancer treatment plans are canceled over technology issues.

Our physician partner found a gold standard solution in ENCORE IT that addressed all of the practice’s needs and cut down on IT equipment needed in the center. Patients can be treated promptly, and the center is not losing revenue. I am grateful for the leadership Jacob has shown through the development of ENCORE IT.

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