Our Gift to Each Other

“Santa Day,” November 25th kicks off the annual “Our Gift to Each Other” for Christmas. We believe that when people get together and coordinate their giving, significant and lasting good can be done for our communities!


Therefore, starting on Wednesday, December 8th, each employee is encouraged to contribute whatever they can to our collective charitable giving fund – no specific amount is required, and there are no expectations or judgment. On December 4th, we’ll total up all the donations and then evenly distribute the money to each person in the company.  At that point, it’s up to you to decide how that money gets spent; go out and gift it to someone in the community who you feel really needs it or deserves it.


As we have grown this year, we are changing the way that employees are able to give by providing this online platform. By clicking the button below you may contribute to the Our Gift to Each Other fund.  Only one individual in the accounting department will see the donation, so you will remain anonymous.


Contributions will be accepted through the close of business on Friday, December 17th.  The money will then be evenly distributed to everyone on Monday, December 20th.


*For the account number please put “Christmas”