Is your organization providing the best patient experience possible?


Patient experience isn’t just a buzzword… it’s the future of healthcare reimbursement. You know that your patients are receiving the best clinical care possible, but what about the non-clinical aspects of care? A poor experience with your billing department can have a detrimental effect on your patient satisfaction scores… and your revenue.


Whether your billing is handled in-house or outsourced, let us show you how our RBS Concierge Patient Experience can relieve your patients’ financial anxiety, and greatly improve patient satisfaction.

Improve the Patient Experience

Radiation Business Solutions has been setting the standard in the financial aspects of cancer care since 2004. Our clients regularly receive positive comments and feedback based on their patients’ billing experience. By reaching out to patients at five specific “touchpoints” during the course of treatment, we ensure that patients understand their financial obligations and are aware of the options and resources available to them, and report a significant reduction in their anxiety. That’s better for your patients – and your bottom line!


Contact us today to learn more about how RBS Concierge Patient Experience can improve your patients’ satisfaction… guaranteed.