MIPS Reporting

The deadline for MIPS 2018 reporting is fast approaching.  If you have not reported on the Quality, Improvement Activities and Promoting Interoperability (if required) components by March 31, 2019, you could be at risk for a 5% penalty adjustment on Medicare payments in 2020.

Although CMS provides a lot of information to providers regarding the MIPS program, it can sometimes be overwhelming to follow and interpret.  RBS has a team of people reviewing the requirements and condensing the details into a format that can easily be followed.

Providers must report on six quality measures. Providers must report on 60% of all patients regardless of payer for the full year.

Improvement Activities 
Providers must report on a minimum of the following:
–  2 High-weighted activities
–  1 High-weighted and 2 medium weighted activities
–  At least 4 medium-weighted activities

Providers will receive double points for each high or medium-weighted activity completed if they have one of the following special statuses: Small practice of less than 15 providers, non-patient facing, rural, or Health Professional Shortage Area (HPSA). 

Promoting Interoperability 
Providers who perform 75% or more of their services in a hospital setting are exempt from this section.

Looking Forward to 2019 MIPS 
Low volume threshold for MIPS eligibility will continue to be 200 Medicare Part B individual patients. Providers can check their eligibility for 2019 MIPS at the end of each quarter.

Go to qpp.cms.gov/participation-lookup to check your participation status on March 31,2019.

Radiation Business Solutions will soon be rolling out our 2019 MIPS Reporting Program. Current billing clients will be eligible to participate for an additional fee. More information will follow after the completion of 2018 MIPS.