Encouraging Others Success

As a core value of RBS, encouraging others’ success is paramount to the success of the company.  In my career at RBS, I have been fortunate to have leaders who recognized and saw potential in me that I didn’t even see in myself. That encouragement and support have helped me grow personally and professionally.

In my role, I am always mindful of how our team supports and inspires patients, physicians, and each other. An intentional focus on helping others achieve their goals is part of the daily agenda. 

Recognizing the needs of our patients and helping them navigate the financial impact of life-saving cancer treatment is the most important aspect of our business. We want to encourage them to continue with their treatments and care, regardless of cost. We will fight the insurance companies for them, allowing them to focus on getting well.

For our amazing client physicians, their practice’s success is dependent upon our success as their practice management partner. We are focused on providing excellent service so that they do not have to worry about their revenue cycle. Our responsibility toward the financial health of their practice allows them to succeed clinically for their patients.

With our team, I am committed to helping each of our employees to achieve growth and opportunity in their professional careers. Sometimes, encouraging others means telling them when they are not meeting expectations; that is not necessarily the most fun part of my job. However, watching employees learn and grow to success beyond their imaginations makes up for it. 

Recently, I was able to be a part of encouraging success for two of my team members. They have invested time in learning our company and culture and were ready for a chance to use their skill set in a clinic environment as onsite Revenue Navigators for a new client. There, one of their primary responsibilities will be to meet with patients and help reduce their financial stress. Their presence in our office is missed, but knowing that they are reaching their potential and impacting patients is the only confirmation that I need to know that encouraging their success will make RBS successful!